Banner 10th Annual Dirty Dancing Festival

Have the time of your life in Lake Lure for the 10th annual Dirty Dancing Festival on Saturday and Sunday, September 13-14, 2019.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Lake Lure’s Dirty Dancing Festival. Fans of the iconic 1987 classic relive memories at the films location in breathtaking Lake Lure.

To kick off the festivities enjoy a FREE screening of the film. Bring a blanket or lounge chair and watch lakeside at Morse Park on a huge projection screen.

Dirty Dancing Competitions:

  • Do you look like Baby, Johnny, Penny or one of the other characters ? Dress up for the Best Dressed Look-Alike Contest.
  • Try your luck at the Shag Competition , Watermelon Races or the Kellerman’s Talent Show!!
  • But the ultimate and everyone’s favorite is the Lake Lift Competition. Practice makes perfect so brush up on those skills because it’s much harder than it looks! But let’s be serious…it looks pretty hard!!!

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