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22 Good Luck Items to Bring Into Your Home in 2022

Are you looking to have better luck in 2022? If so, here are 22 items you can add around your home that may bring you good luck this year!!

1. Painted Door

Depending on which way your door faces, painting certain colors are said to bring good luck. In Fung Shui;

  • South-Red or Orange represents warmth, passion, and inspiration.
  • North- Blue or Black represents wisdom and depth
  • West -Gray or White
  • East – Brown or Green

2. Elephants

Elephants symbolize good luck, protection, and strength and are known as wise and intelligent animals. (Just make sure the trunk is facing up)

3. Citrus Fruit

Bring in good luck with a bowl full of citrus because it is supposed to attract wealth and bring positivity into your home.

4. Horseshoe

Hang over the entrance of your home to bring good luck and protection.

5. Fish 

Fish symbolize good health, prosperity, happiness, wealth and power. Go a step further and build a koi pond to enhance your good fortune.

6. Mirrors 

Placing mirrors in spots where it will reflect a beautiful view such as a garden or backyard will fill your home with positivity. On the other hand, keeping a clean mirror in your cash drawer is said to improve your financial situation.

7. Bamboo 

Use bamboo throughout your home to bring focus, tranquility, and good fortune.

8. Turtle 

Placing a turtle in your home or yard symbolizes longevity.

9. Essential Oil  

Not only do they make a space smell wonderful, these powerful oils such as lavender repel misfortune and calm the mind while peppermint helps ward off negative energy and will keep the home in perfect harmony. 

10. Cricket on the Hearth 

Ever heard the expression “to find a cricket on the hearth is the luckiest thing of all”? These small insects are considered a sign of eminent good fortune in China. It is said they would keep them as pets inside tiny cages. We think just a small trinket will suffice!  

11. Peacock Feather 

The “eye’ pattern on a peacock’s feather represents openness vision and believed to represent good luck, wisdom, and beauty.

12. Fountain

Place a fountain in or outside your home to draw good fortune and positivity.

13. Clock

Hang a clock on a North, East, or West wall to bring in positive energy.

14. Crescent Moon

Considered lucky for children and mothers; display a crescent moon wall hanging in your child’s bedroom for good luck.

15. Keys

Some cultures believe keys hold the power to send prayers. Furthermore, if you give your love a key it symbolizes unlocking the door to their heart.

16. Acorn

Carrying an acorn is believed to protect your health, thus, keeping you from illness, aches and pains.

17. Dreamcatcher

Hang one over your bed to catch bad dreams. Ultimately, the first sun rays that touch it in the morning will destroy the trapped bad dreams.

18. Four-Leaf Clover

Those who find a four-leaf clover are destined for good luck, as each leaf in the clover symbolizes good omens for faith, hope, love, and luck for the finder. It is also said that as Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, Eve picked a single four-leaf clover as a souvenir of paradise.

19. Wishbone

Unbroken is a promise of a wish, consequently, for the wish to come true it must be broken.

20. Jade Plant

Also called the money plant, aside from being lucky jade plants bring in natures energy and will clean and purify the air.

21. Pair of Ducks

A pair of mandarin ducks, swans or doves are an exemplary symbol of a happy couple so place in the bedroom to intensify luck in love.

22. Horse Statue

Horses symbolize freedom, determination, beauty and majesty among other things. Likewise, the beloved horse is considered good for happiness and prosperity and should be placed facing a door or window.

The best way to ensure good luck is work hard, be kind to everyone, celebrate life and freedom and find some quite time each day to be grateful and connect to the provider of all. We hope you have a wonderful 2022!!

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